In my other blog I had written how my sil was living here with us. She wasn’t paying any rent. She never offered. My mil offered to pay something for her, but we told her no. It’s not worth having things held over us and believe me, my mil will do exactly that.  My mil has sabotaged my sil’s marriage. In fact, my sil has cheated on her husband multiple times. He was in the military and sometimes stationed outside of the country. While he was gone, she would start seeing someone else.  And my mil has been married 3 or 4 times. I’m not pointing this out to be judgmental, but rather point out how she shouldn’t be judging my relationship because she can’t even get it right.

So my sil found that blog post and left a comment. It was held in moderation. When I read it, I felt like I should defend myself. I even approved the comment then typed out a reply. However, I refuse to defend myself to people like her and my mil.  She was angry because she thought that other people would see the blog post and I guess ruin her reputation. LOL. She’s done that enough on her own.  She insulted me saying that all I did was sit on my a** and made my kids clean. Also, I only cooked them frozen pizza.  Now it all sounds funny. Like oh my gosh..I make my 17 yr old and 12 year old help clean the house they also reside.  As far as the frozen pizza, yeah. I do fix it a lot for them. For one, they like it and two, my daughter has dance multiple times a week so it’s just easy to fix that.  Also, my kids are old enough to cook for themselves. I guess I shouldn’t teach my kids to be self-sufficient so they can grow up and be idependent adults. She has a 14 yr old daughter she does nearly everything for. I doubt the girl can even wash her own clothes. I guess maybe I am defending myself right now, but they don’t have the url to this blog.

The only way my sil found the link to my other blog was because she decided to log into twitter and stalk me there. She hasn’t posted anything since 2014. And the post she saw had been on my twitter for months. So she can stop acting like she randomly decided to check twitter. She was looking for something and she found it. She hurt her own feelings. My mil always claims that I take things to social media. I guess I do. But she has posted plenty of hateful things about me online. I guess she’s the only one who can do that though. She sure didn’t mind talking crap about my oldest son a week or so ago.  I am just tired of that whole crazy family.


New blog

I had to start another blog because of my mentally unhinged narcissistic mother-in-law and the rest of that psycho family. It’s not because I’m afraid of them but they have started stalking me online. My mil has her “flying monkeys” watching what I do online. She even created a fake twitter profile so she could stalk my twitter. I protected my tweets so she couldn’t read them. I know that as long as she can read what I write about her, she will not leave us alone.

I’m not a psychiatrist or a psychologist. However, over the years I have realized my mil has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. When I first met her, I just thought she was a bitch.  It goes way beyond that.  I’ll share some images I’ve found so whoever reads this can have a better understanding. I’ll let you read those then write another post.